About soapffz

About the Blog:

This blog records soapffz's learning of technology (actually, I only have the motivation to learn technology when I want to write articles).

When writing articles, I like to write a little and send it once, and then spend about half a day processing a batch of images (if the article takes too much time).

So don't be surprised if the first few articles on the homepage are messy. Give it a few days and I might have deleted them finished writing them.

About Me:

soapffz, pronounced as soap feifeizao, you can also pronounce it as soupu feifeizao/feizao feizao.

Graduated from a 985 (pseudo) undergraduate university, worked at a domestic top 5 security "Whampoa Military Academy" for 8 months, and was responsible for security product operation at a certain operator for 1 and a half years. Currently unemployed.

5b6u5L+h5Y+35bCx5piv5oiR55qEIElE, you can add me as a friend and we can exchange ideas.

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