Navicat Family Products Installation and Crack

(Updated on October 4, 2019) Today, while reading an article, I found that the author was using Navicat Premium.

I was wondering why they didn't use the specified database version of navicat, but then I realized that navicat premium can connect to many types of databases.

So, for those who need to connect to multiple databases, just download Navicat Premium.

Also, before cracking, always check if the keygen has been updated. Otherwise, you might end up installing it multiple times without any response from the registration.

The current version is v5.3 now.


After using Navicat for mysql, I found that the Navicat family of products is quite useful. The interface is clean, simple, and all products support Chinese.

Moreover, I discovered an amazing series of keygens. In this article, I will use MongoDB, which I recently started using, as an example to explain the installation and crack of Navicat family products.


Download link for all Navicat family products:

Download link for the keygen source:

I have also synchronized it to gitee:

Please note that before cracking each Navicat family product, check if the keygen is up to date.

The keygen looks like this:


  • First, install Navicat for mongodb and keep clicking "Next" until the installation is complete. Do not open it after installation.

  • Copy the keygen to the installation path of your installed product:

Default installation path for Navicat products: C:\Program Files\PremiumSoft\

For example, the installation path for Navicat for MongoDB is: C:\Program Files\PremiumSoft\Navicat 12 for MongoDB

You may need administrator privileges. Click "Confirm" to proceed.

  • Right-click and open the keygen as an administrator: Navicat_Keygen_Patch_v4.9_By_DFoX.exe

  • Part 1: Patch. No need to change the configuration, just click "Patch". A dialog box will appear indicating that the patch was successful.


  • Part 2: License.Product and Language. For the Enterprise Edition, you generally don't need to change anything as it is the highest version.

Select your product. In my case, I installed MongoDB, so I select MongoDB. The language will be automatically detected. If it is not detected, change it to Simplified Chinese.


  • Part 3: Resale License. The default settings are fine.

  • Part 4: - Keygen / Offline Activation

  • First, customize the name and organization (personal preference, it doesn't matter whether you change it or not):


  • Now, open Navicat for MongoDB and select Register:


  • Click on the right side of Generate and the registration code will be automatically filled:


  • Click "Activate". It will inform you that the activation server is not available and you need to activate manually:


  • Click "Activate Manually" and paste the request code into the keygen's request code section. Click the Generate button in the keygen's activation code section, and it will generate the activation code to paste into the request code box of MongoDB:


Now, the activation is successful:



For other products, just change the Product.

End of the article.

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