Install MongoDB on Win10


When I was setting up the local archery library some time ago, I created a table for each pair of pants so that I could perform multi-table joins and use primary and foreign keys.

Therefore, I used the classic relational database: mysql.

Of course, when the data exceeds billions, the performance of mysql may decrease significantly, but we will fill this gap later.

Today, I'm going to dig a new hole: non-relational database. A typical example is MongoDB.

For a comparison between relational and non-relational databases, refer to: Relational Databases vs. Non-Relational Databases

Key-value databases for high-performance concurrent read and write operations:

The main feature of key-value databases is their extremely high concurrency for read and write operations. Redis, Tokyo Cabinet, and Flare are representative examples.

Document-oriented databases for accessing massive amounts of data:

The characteristic of these databases is the ability to quickly query data in massive amounts of data. MongoDB and CouchDB are typical examples.


Download the community edition, which is enough for our use:



I chose the complete edition for installation. In the service configuration interface, it is recommended to select the option to configure it as a service (in the past, it seemed that manual configuration in the installation directory was required, but now it can be configured directly).

Then, select the option to configure it as a network service by default, so that it can be used both on the network and locally:


Then, uncheck the option to download the graphical interface:


After installation, you can see the MongoDB Server service in the services, which starts automatically with the system:


I won't go into detail about other usages because I use Navicat's Navicat for MongoDB to manage this database visually.

Reference article: MongoDB Tutorial | Runoob Tutorial

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